Consumer engagement

At St Vincent's Private Hospital Northside, one of the ways we achieve high quality person centred care is by partnering with consumers (i.e. current, former or potential patients, their families and support persons).

We have created a Consumer Register with persons from various cultural, age, gender and religious backgrounds. Consumers contribute to our Mission through providing input about their experiences, knowledge, observations and suggestions.

By gathering these unique perspectives, we ensure that our services are designed, delivered and evaluated to the highest standard, while being responsive to the real health needs and expectations of the population served by our Hospital.

Why join our Consumer Register?

Some reasons to join us:

  • Improve patient experiences and outcomes while giving back to your community;
  • Network with others from many varied backgrounds and make like-minded friends in this group;
  • Contribute your ideas through meetings, workshops and surveys;
  • Receive relevant orientation and training;
  • Develop a better understanding of person centred care in services provided at St Vincent's Private Hospital Northside, to enhance patient experiences and outcomes.

How do Consumers contribute?

Some ways Consumers influence include:

  • Design and review of patient information e.g. brochures about specific medical procedures, online and paper admission forms;
  • Attend regular meetings for the St Vincent's Northside Consumer Advisory Committee;
  • Attend focus groups and working parties related to specific health services;
  • Provide feedback or complete surveys on services and facilities, safety and patient care e.g. projects to assist with layout and navigation around the Hospital;
  • Provide unique consumer perspective through representation on St Vincent's Northside committees e.g. Falls Prevention, Infection Control, or Blood Products.

Who can be a Consumer?

There are no formal qualifications required for Consumer Engagement, other than being 18 years of age or older. Your participation is voluntary.  Consumers from Indigenous and/or Culturally & Linguistically Diverse communities are encouraged to register.

Consumers may accept or decline an invitation at any time. All personal details collected for the Consumer Register will be stored securely and will be used only for consumer participation activities. Consumers may request removal of their details from the Register at any time.


If you are interested in being involved in consumer engagement, simply complete the Consumer Register Application Form and return the completed form via email to our Patient Experience Manager at

Consumer Register Application Form

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