What to bring to hospital

Use this handy list to pack everything that you need for your stay in hospital.

Paperwork and clinical information

  • Patient registration form 
  • consent form
  • doctor’s admitting letter (if you have one)
  • all relevant x-rays and scans
  • Advanced Health Directive and Power of Attorney documents.


  • a list of your current medications, including the dosage and frequency taken
  • all prescribed medications in blister packs or pharmacy-dispensed packaging
  • any vitamins and over-the-counter medications you take.

Identification and insurance information

  • Medicare card
  • health fund membership number and policy details
  • DVA card and number
  • pension card/health benefits card(s)
  • WorkCover approval letter, number and claim details
  • Accident or Third Party Insurance claim details
  • Pharmacy Benefits card/ Safety Net card.

Payment means

You will need your credit card or means to pay for any out-of-pocket expenses. Read more about hospital costs and paying your bill.

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Personal items

  • garments that are comfortable and easy to remove
  • clean pair of comfortable, low-heeled, non-slip shoes that fit you well 
  • comfortable night attire, dressing gown and personal toiletries (overnight patients only)
  • glasses and case, hearing aids and mobility devices.

What to leave at home

We do not allow patients to use hot-water bottles and electric blankets because of the risk of scalding, rupture and electrical injury. Heat packs are not permitted because they pose a fire when heating in a microwave. If you require a heat pad please ask the nurse in your ward for a gel pack.

We recommend you do not bring large sums of money, valuables or jewellery into the hospital. The hospital does not take responsibility, nor is liable, for the loss or damage to personal property or valuables brought into the hospital.