Preparing for your surgery or procedure

Some procedures require special preparation and specific instructions.

It is important to follow the directions of staff members while preparing for surgery, otherwise your surgery or procedure may be cancelled.


You will be given clear instructions regarding when to stop eating and drinking (if necessary) and told which medications you can still take when you are fasting.

Removing jewellery

Most procedures require you to remove all makeup, jewellery and body piercings. If you are wearing rings that cannot be removed staff will tape them.

Personal preparations

Nursing staff will advise you when to shower before surgery. If it is necessary to have your operative site free of hair, the nursing staff will use special clippers. We ask that you do not shave this area yourself or your surgery may be cancelled.

If you have a sore or cuts on your body, please notify the nursing staff.

Read our step by step showering instructions.

Waiting in the theatre area

Once in the theatre area, you may be moved to a holding bay where the nursing staff will check all your details with you. From there, you will be moved into the operating or procedure room.