Person centred care

At St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside, we believe that working with patients and their families is the key to providing exceptional healthcare.

This philosophy is called person-centred care. It means that we involve you in planning and delivering your care, so we can meet your individual needs and preferences.

In providing person-centred care we:

  • recognise that each patient and family is different
  • help you and your family develop healthcare skills and knowledge
  • support you and your family to make decisions about your care
  • respect your choices, values, beliefs and culture.

We hope you will:

  • ask any questions about your care and treatment
  • tell us about any concerns you have
  • get involved in your care, as much as you'd like
  • tell us if you have any special requests for your care and treatment
  • tell us who you want to visit you and when
  • take part in nursing handover and medical rounds
  • tell us what we are doing well and what we could be doing better.

Rights and responsibilities

We believe staff, patients, families and carers all have a right to expect, and should provide, respect and dignity to each other. Read more about your rights and responsibilities as a patient.

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