My care after hospital

You may require nursing care, domestic assistance or personal care after your hospital stay. The ward nursing staff will make appropriate referrals to community service organisations that can provide you with the support you require.

Additional therapy for your recovery

To continue your recovery after you leave hospital you may need additional therapy such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy etc. These services incur a fee and may need to be booked by our staff before you return home.

Recovery exercises

Have you been shown any physical exercises you will need to do as part of your recovery? If not, ask one of your nurses to show you some exercises and explain when and how often you should practice them.

Activities to avoid

Have you been told of any activities not to do when you leave hospital (like driving, heavy lifting, or climbing stairs)? Your specialist will provide you with appropriate information about activities to avoid.

Contact after your stay

If you have any questions or concerns after you return home please contact either your GP or your treating specialist.

Follow-up appointments

New or follow-up appointments can be arranged with your treating specialist. We will help you with this.

Test results

Any tests you require after leaving hospital will be managed between your GP and Specialist.