Discharge planning

Before you leave hospital it is important that you and anyone looking after you have all the information you need to safely continue your care.

Your discharge summary includes:

  • an assessment of your requirements to manage your condition after your discharge
  • a plan for going home or transfer to another health care facility. This may include prescriptions for your medications and a referral letter to your GP.
  • our recommendations for extra support you will need at home, and if your carer/family knows how to care for you or if they need further information or support. This may include referrals for home care and other community health care support you may need
  • arrangements for follow-up appointments and tests.

If you require transfer to another health facility, we will include an appropriate referral pathway that incorporates a written nursing discharge plan for your GP.

Our Community Liaison staff are available to help you plan your discharge and arrange community support if required.

Your preparations

Before your treatment you will need to think about your discharge, including:

  • getting home – transport
  • organising help at home
  • managing your recovery.

Transport home

Please organise your transport home before your admission.

If you live more than 50km from our hospital, you may be eligible for funding under the State Government Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme. Please talk to your specialist about the necessary paperwork prior to admission.

Weekend discharge

If you are discharged on a weekend or a public holiday, there may be some difficulties sourcing equipment and medications. We will try to have everything organised for you the day before.

Managing at home

You may require nursing care, domestic assistance or personal care after your hospital stay. We can help to organise the services you need. Read more about care after hospital.

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Wound care

If you have wounds that require care, your nurse will show you how to dress them. You need to feel confident that you can manage their care before you leave – tell your nurse of any concerns you have prior to discharge.  


Your nurse or treating doctor will explain why and when you are required to take specific medications. If you take multiple medications, you may discuss your needs in more detail with a pharmacist.

Prior to your admission, please discuss with your GP how your current medication regime may be affected during and after your hospital stay. Please bring a current list of medications with you when you come to the hospital.


It is important for your recovery that you know what you can eat, what foods/drinks to avoid and how long you need to be on a special diet. Our staff can provide you with a suitable foods list on request.  If you have specific dietary requirements dietetic consultation can be provided during admission with a referral from your specialist.

Personal care

You may need assistance with eating, bathing, or toileting. If you live alone, we can help you to arrange support. The hospital can tailor individualised support plans, based on your specific requirements. You will be provided with written information on the cost and how these services can be arranged, prior to discharge.

Special equipment

You may require special equipment such as crutches or oxygen. Our staff will determine individualised plans regarding what equipment you will require and where to obtain it. You will be shown how to use equipment and for how long.

We will involve you in your discharge care plan and answer your questions.

If you are feeling concerned about going home, please discuss this with your preadmission nurse who can make a relevant referral to our discharge planning team.