Health funds

If you have private health insurance, please contact your insurer before you proceed with registration to check if you are fully covered for all costs of your admission.

You should ask your fund:

  • Do I have an excess or co-payments associated with my policy?
  • Have I served all required waiting periods?
  • Am I currently financial with all premiums paid and up-to-date on admission day?
  • Will I be fully covered for an admission to a private hospital?
  • Does my policy have any restrictions or limitations on the type of services covered? If I require a prosthetic will I be covered?

If you have recently changed your level of cover or moved to a new fund, you should find out if this new cover can be accessed for this admission.

We require written approval from your insurer stating that you will be covered prior to your admission.

We will lodge a claim for hospital fees on your behalf. Any additional costs incurred during your stay are payable on discharge.

Please note: some health funds do not cover you for single room accommodation – this may be at additional cost to you.

Download the Australian Government Private Health Insurance Ombudsman brochures: