Non-health fund hospitalisations

WorkCover patients

Please advise your health fund if your admission is related to an accident that may be covered by another insurer, such as WorkCover.

You need to confirm that you are covered by WorkCover before admission. Please supply us with a copy of your letter of authorisation for payment from WorkCover.

We will lodge a claim for the cost of your hospital fees on your behalf. You will need to pay additional costs incurred during your stay on discharge.


We welcome Department of Veterans’ Affairs patients. All planned and unplanned admissions should be arranged directly through your treating specialist.

We suggest you check with the Department to ensure you are adequately covered for the full cost of your admission, including the cost of a single room if you have requested one.

We will lodge a claim for hospital fees on your behalf. Any additional costs incurred during your stay, including a single room if you requested one, are payable on discharge.

Contact our DVA Liaison Officer on tel: 07 3634 9444.

Self-funded patients

If you intend to pay for your own hospitalisation, we will provide you with an estimate of your hospital costs before admission. This estimate will be for the cost of your hospitalisation and procedure only. To understand your full costs you will need to speak to your doctor and others involved in your care.

Self-funded patients must pay their estimated hospital fees in total prior to treatment. You can pay on admission day or in advance via the accounts department. Other costs incurred during your stay are payable on discharge. In some cases, your account will be forwarded after discharge.

How to pay

You can pay using:

  • your credit card (please note there will be a surcharge of 1.5%)
  • with a bank cheque. We will not accept personal cheques over $500.

To make an EFT bank transfer please contact our accounts department for details. These transactions must be completed a week prior to admission.

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