Costs and paying your bill

The cost of your hospital care

The total cost of your stay in hospital includes our hospital fees; and the cost of your specialist care and other services involved in your care.

Your hospital fees will include the portion of your estimated hospital expenses not covered by your health insurer, e.g. an excess, co-payment or prosthetic gap payment. These fees must be paid on admission. Any additional costs incurred during your stay are payable on discharge.

In addition to fees charged by the hospital, you will also receive separate accounts from others involved in your care. These will include your surgeon, anaesthetist, surgical assistant, other doctors involved in your care, pathology companies, diagnostic imaging (such as xrays), pharmacies and some allied health practitioners (such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists).

Patients with private health cover

Everything you need to know about paying your costs and your entitlements if you have private health insurance.
Read about health funds and covering the cost of your hospital stay.

WorkCover, Veterans and self-funded patients

How to pay for your hospital costs if you are covered by WorkCover, have DVA entitlements, or are a self-funded patient. Read about non-health fund hospitalisations.

Medications costs

The cost of medications prescribed before admission or during your stay, PBS-subsidised and high cost drugs. Find out about the cost of medications.