Admissions lounge

Patients who are having a surgical procedure need to register their arrival at the hospital’s main reception. You will be escorted to the admissions lounge where a nurse will:

  • admit you
  • review your medical history
  • review all of your medications
  • record your vital signs
  • answer your questions
  • prepare you for surgery.

You will be asked to change into a gown and directed into another waiting area.

What to bring

Please bring all of your medications with you in their original packaging.

Your medications, consent paperwork, xrays and CPAP machine (where applicable) are the only items required prior to surgery.

When you are transferred to the theatre complex, your belongings will be stored securely. Please do not bring any valuables into the hospital.

Your support person

As there is limited space in the admissions lounge, please bring only one support person with you to hospital. They will not be permitted past the initial lounge area.

If you are in hospital for the day only, the nursing staff will take your support person’s contact details and call them when you are ready to return home.

If you are staying, we recommend that your support person returns to the hospital when you have been moved to your ward.

Admission and waiting times

Patients are admitted according to the order of the operating lists. Arriving early does not mean you will be admitted earlier. Priority is given according to procedure schedules, however you may be reviewed by your anaesthetist prior to the commencement of the surgical list.

Please be prepared to wait for 2-6 hours for your surgery. Your surgeon decides what time you are to come to hospital. The time you have to wait is determined by the case or cases in front of you. Please bring something to read or do while you wait.

Eating and drinking prior to surgery

Your doctor and preadmission nurse will advise you what time prior to your admission to stop eating and drinking. Please abide by these directions.

After your procedure

If you are having a day surgical procedure, you will return to the Day Surgery Unit after your procedure.

If you are staying overnight, you will be transferred from the theatre recovery directly to your ward after your procedure. Please limit your luggage to one small overnight bag. If possible, ask a friend or relative to bring in your luggage when visiting later. Your luggage will be stored in a secure luggage room in your ward. Relatives are welcome to phone the hospital later in the day to enquire about your progress and your bed allocation.