Wound and stomal therapy services

Working alongside our colorectal, bariatric (obesity), and general and vascular surgeons are our three clinical nurse consultants. These nurses are skilled in wound management and stomal therapy. They see both inpatients and outpatients (by appointment post operatively as required).

Wound care

Patients are referred to the wound care nurses for consultation, assessment, evaluation and appropriate dressings for complicated wounds.

The wound care nurses also manage and take preventative measurements for pressure injuries and treatment of existing pressure injuries as per the national Injury Advisory Guidelines are implemented. Find out about avoiding pressure injuries.

Wound management clinic for outpatients

Our Wound Clinic provides wound care to patients following discharge.

To attend the Wound Clinic you must be referred by your medical specialist.

Our team of medical and nursing staff provides specialist treatment of wounds including leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers and non-healing surgical wounds.

Your care plan

Our team will develop a care plan in partnership with you, which will be tailored to your individual needs. Your care plan will include information and education on how to confidently manage your wound at home. Our staff will liaise with your GP to ensure ongoing management of your wound.

Our appointment

A fee is required for wound care services, which we will discuss with you at your appointment.

Please bring with you any special dressings you may have, to avoid any additional charges for specialty wound products.

Contact us

Contact our Wound Clinic on tel: 07 3326 3525.

Stomal specialist care

We provide specialised care to people with stomas. A stoma is a surgically created opening from either the bladder or bowel onto the abdomen. It provides an exit point for urine or faeces.

Our 3 stomal therapy nursesplay both a pre- and post operative role in the care of the patient with a stoma.

Preoperatively the stoma therapy nurses provide counseling and education to the patient and their family and sites the stoma (where possible).

Post operatively we:

  • assess the stoma
  • begin the education process for the patient and carer to become independent with stoma care
  • re-assess appliance requirements as the stoma size and output changes
  • registers the patient with an ostomy association.

After discharge the patient will require ongoing follow-up care and support with the STN.

Contact us

Contact our stoma therapy nurses on tel 07 3326 3537.

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