Physiotherapy services

Our physiotherapists work with patients to maximise their physical potential and restore movement and function.

Treatment is provided across a wide range of medical and surgical specialties to facilitate recovery from surgery, illness or injury.

Physiotherapy management will be based on individualised patient assessment and may include:

  • exercise prescription to improve mobility and strengthen muscles
  • mobility retraining and muscle re-education to improve control of movement
  • selection and assistance with the use of appropriate walking aids. This includes crutches, walking sticks and wheeled walkers
  • chest physiotherapy
  • education and ergonomic advice ( advice for coping with daily activities)
  • discharge planning.

Physiotherapy staff work as members of a multidisciplinary team and provide clinical services to the following areas:

  • general surgery
  • cardiac surgery
  • cardiac medicine
  • intensive care
  • cardiac rehabilitation
  • orthopaedics
  • urology
  • neurology
  • respiratory medicine
  • breast surgery
  • oncology.

The physiotherapy team is an integral part of the outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program, providing individualised education and exercise programs following heart attack, coronary artery stenting, or heart surgery.

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