Intensive care unit (ICU)

Our 17-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) provides an exceptionally high level of critical care to patients who require close monitoring and intensive nursing.

The majority of our patients are transferred from the operating theatres into our ICU immediately following major surgical procedures, for a short period of intensive medical treatment.

The ICU provides an exceptionally high level of critical care support to meet the medical and surgical demands of an acute tertiary hospital.

Visiting ICU

Only immediate family can visitor patients in ICU. Exceptions to this rule can be discussed with the Nurse in Charge.

Patients can see only two visitors at a time. Families can meet in our visitors’ waiting room.

To request access use the telephone on the wall outside the ICU door. You must wash your hands before and after each visit.

There are no bedside phones for patients in ICU. Please ask our hospital telephone operator to direct your call to the ICU reception desk.

ICU postgraduate program

The intensive care unit holds accreditation for postgraduate training from the Intensive Care Society. Registrars can spend 6 months at St Vincent's Private Hospital Northside as part of their experience. Find out more about our postgraduate teaching.