Cardiac rehabilitation services

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation (Rehab) Program is designed to help people with cardiac disease get back on their feet and lead an active and healthy life.

The benefits of cardiac rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is important in the recovery of anyone who has had a heart attack, angina, angioplasty and stenting, coronary artery bypass surgery and/or valve surgery.

Research shows that people who attend a cardiac rehab program recover more quickly and have a better long-term prognosis. It can decrease the chances of further heart problems, improve your quality of life, reduce anxiety, and help you and your family to recognise the risk factors that have contributed to your condition. It also helps to make appropriate lifestyle changes, such as giving up smoking, losing weight and starting a walking program

How the program works

Phase 1: inpatient program

This phase begins the moment you are admitted to hospital and provides information about how to manage cardiovascular disease, diet and exercise. Our nursing staff will provide you and your family with support, education and information about cardiac problems and risk factors. You will also receive the My Heart My Life book produced by The Heart Foundation, and helpful and relevant information including details regarding driving laws.

Phase 2: outpatient program

Phase 2 begins after you are discharged from hospital, usually 4-6 weeks following your heart event or surgery. Phase 2 comprises an assessment interview, exercise program and education.

Referring patients to our cardiac rehab program

You can be referred:

  • as a hospital inpatient (both public or private)
  • from other cardiac rehabilitation programs
  • by a cardiologists or cardiac surgeon
  • by your GP.

If you’d prefer to contact the program yourself, ask our nursing staff for contact details and relevant information.

If you live in the Chermside, Brighton, Nundah, North West or Pine Rivers areas, or if you have been a cardiac inpatient in our Hospital, you may be eligible to be referred into our Phase 2 Cardiac Rehab Program.

Our monitored, 6-week Outpatient Program is tailored to each individual, and focuses on achieving goals. Our program is suitable for patients who have experienced:

  • heart attack
  • angina
  • angioplasty and stenting
  • coronary artery bypass surgery
  • valve surgery.

Assessment interviews

Once we have your referral, our program coordinator will contact you to arrange your 90-minute appointment with our cardiac nurse specialist and physiotherapist.

At that appointment, we will conduct a thorough history and assessment. A second interview will occur towards the end of your program to re-assess your cardiac health.

What to bring to your assessment interview

We need to see any relevant paperwork, including medication lists, pathology results and any relevant surgical details. Bring your private health care card or DVA card and Medicare card.

More information

Visit the Heart Foundation website for more information on cardiac health.

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