Cardiac catheter laboratories

Our two cardiac catheter laboratories enable our cardiologists to perform tests and procedures to diagnose and treat heart disease.

Our labs are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that enhance the superior work provided by all the cardiologists who insert stents, pacemakers and defibrillators etc.

Our equipment produces brilliant images of fine anatomic structures and devices, such as the moving heart. The 3D, CT-like images allow clear visualisation of small devices and vessels and improve our diagnosis and treatment planning.

The high quality imaging coupled with a wide array of image guidance tools and advanced applications will result in shorter procedure times and improved clinical outcomes for cardiac patients.

New possibilities for our cardiac services

The installation of Siemens Artis zeego Q technology into one of our cardiac catheter laboratories now provides the infrastructure for the hospital to grow in structural heart disease and endovascular surgery, and offer the latest techniques, procedures and devices in these fields.

For example, conventional aortic valve replacement has excellent outcomes particularly in younger patients at relatively low-risk. Transcatheter techniques are valid alternatives for high-risk patients in whom conventional surgical techniques are considered too invasive and risky.

The installation of the Artis zeego Q technology can easily accommodate a full range of surgical and endovascular procedures to facilitate these emerging new therapeutic options.