Cardiac services

Our hospital is a leader of cardiac surgical and medical services in Queensland. We are one of the state’s largest private cardiac surgical providers.

Our hospital is equipped with the latest technologies to deliver the most innovative and comprehensive care for patients with complex diseases of the heart.

Our services

Expert assessment

The Heart Valve Team assesses, diagnoses and recommends the preferable treatment options for patients with heart valve disease.

Learn more about our Heart Valve Team.

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Cardiac surgery and cardiology

We offer a full spectrum of adult cardiac surgery and our cardiologists have the greatest experience of any private hospital in Queensland.

Learn more about our cardiac surgery and cardiology services.

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Aortic valve replacement

We offer the TAVI procedure to replace heart valves in patients who are not candidates for open-heart surgery.

Learn more about valve replacement.

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Cardiac catheter laboratories

Our two cardiac catheter labs enable our cardiologists to perform tests and procedures, which diagnose and treat heart disease.

Learn more about our cardiac catheter laboratories.

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Cardiac rehabilitation

We offer cardiac rehabilitation to help people with cardiac disease get back on their feet and lead an active and healthy life.

Learn more about our cardiac rehabilitation program

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Our team of cardiac experts

We have the most comprehensive team of cardiac experts – cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, cardiac anaesthetists, intensivists, cardiovascular nurses and other health care professionals who work as a team to bring the most advanced cardiac care to our patients.

Our cardiologists perform a wide range of interventional, electrophysiology and diagnostic cardiac procedures. They also offer exhaustive assessment and management of all forms of valvular heart disease.