Heart Valve Team

Our Heart Valve Team provides multidisciplinary care to patients with complex heart valve disease.

The Heart Valve Team is a collaboration of cardiothoracic surgeons, cardiologists, cardiac anaesthetists, intensivists and more, who assess patients with complex heart valve disease.

These cardiac experts are world-renowned not only for their medical and surgical advances, but also for their innovative approach to treating cardiac disease. This team approach is an Australian first for this standard of medical collaboration and innovation.

What we do

The Heart Valve Team assesses, diagnoses and recommends the preferable treatment options for patients with heart valve disease to achieve the very best possible surgical and medical outcomes.

Why the Heart Valve Team

Cardiac disease is becoming a very complex condition to treat. As we live longer, doctors encounter patients a cardiac condition and many other complicated and associated conditions.

The Heart Valve Team can assist in determining which of a range of invasive and non-invasive techniques and procedures will be the most effective option for the patient’s specific condition by weighing-up the risks and benefits.

How we work

Patients with some form of heart valve disease or associated conditions are referred to us. The specialist decides that the patient’s condition warrants a full discussion and assessment from a team of cardiac experts.

With the patient’s consent, their information including any recent diagnostic information and tests is shared with the heart valve team for discussion.

Patients will not be required to attend this team meeting. However, on occasions, they may be asked to be examined by one of the team – before or after the meeting.

Once the Heart Valve Team has completed their assessment, a treatment recommendation will be sent to the specialist.

The specialist will ask the patient to return to see them to discuss the recommendations and, in collaboration with the patient, will decide what treatment plan to follow.

The recommendations made by the Heart Valve Team are not binding. The patient and their specialist may choose not to proceed with the Heart Valve Team’s recommendations.

There will be no out-of-pocket costs to patients for the Heart Valve Team assessment and recommendation.