Screening services

We see patients who have been referred by their GP for a routine breast screen or to investigate a breast change.

Our breast screening service may involve the following:

  • breast examination
  • mammography
  • ultrasound (as necessary)
  • needle sampling or biopsy of abnormal areas of the breast (as necessary).

Radiology services

Our multidisciplinary team include radiologists, radiographers and sonographers who are experts in breast diagnostics and screening.

We have the latest breast screening imaging technology and low-dose mammography service to ensure the most accurate diagnoses. Our skilled staff uses:

  • 3D tomosynthesis mammography machines, proven to provide a 40% improvement in the early detection of breast cancer (with lower radiation doses than 2D machines)
  • the latest ultrasound machines, to allow for the early detection of previously undetectable lesions
  • a breast-enabled MRI scanner (performed outside our Breast Health Centre)
  • nuclear medicine for sentinel lymph scintigraphy (performed outside our Breast Health Centre).

What happens after screening

Patients’ results are reported back to their referring GP or can be diagnosed by our breast physician.