Meet Tracey

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21 November 2019

St Vincent’s Northside Breast Health Centre Clinical Nurse Coordinator

Breast imaging is a complex area of health care. Breast tissue is unique to each patient and interpretation takes passion, skill, patience and dedication in order to find answers for patients, who are often highly anxious.

Tracey Schultz is the Clinical Nurse Coordinator at the St Vincent’s Northside Breast Health Centre and well versed in breast cancer screening and treatment. Tracey leads a team of highly skilled nurses, each with a strong understanding of the complexity associated with breast screening.

“My job is to educate women about breast health and benign disease, perform breast examinations on screening patients, as well as provide counselling and support to patients throughout the process. This can involve supporting patients through biopsy, possible breast cancer diagnosis and exploratory surgery.

“I like to make each patient feel relaxed and reassured that they are in 'good hands' when they come to the centre,” Tracey said.

Tracey studied a Bachelor of Nursing with post-graduate qualifications in Sexual Health and Forensic Nursing (Sexual Assault). She understands women’s health and understands that accuracy is imperative to treatment.

“St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside has given me the opportunity to work in an area I am passionate about. Working with like-minded people enables the team to share a common vision, where we all want to provide the best possible service for patients.

“I believe excellence in care comes from using best practice and evidence-based research,” Tracey said.

Recently, Tracey attended a conference in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales. This conference presented a number of educational sessions, each focused on caring for women undergoing surgery and treatment for breast cancer. The conference highlighted the importance of health professionals informing women about their choices when it comes to breast and reconstructive surgery, as well as new developments in chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

St Vincent’s Northside Breast Health Centre is a purpose-built, private facility located within St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside in Chermside, Brisbane. Specialising in routine breast screening, diagnostic assessment for all diseases of the breast and consultation services, the centre also offers access to onsite hospital medical specialists.

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