Meet Sharyn


Thursday 13 February 2020

Volunteer Coordinator at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside

Volunteer contributions are significant. When someone chooses to volunteer, they are donating their most important thing – their time.

St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside has a generous team of volunteers who make up a vital part of the hospital community. The hospital volunteer team provides help and support in a variety of ways. Some volunteers interact directly with patients, their families and visitors. Others are active behind the scenes, assisting with fundraising, marketing or clerical support.

Sharyn Smith is the Volunteer Coordinator at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside and manages the team of 75 volunteers.

“My role is to support volunteers in enhancing the overall patient experience; focusing on non-clinical care of patients.

“I think I have the best job here at Northside. Each day, I arrive at the hospital and get to work with a great group of people, each with their own story,” Sharyn said.

The volunteers have come from various backgrounds. Each individual offers a unique skillset and contributes in their own special way.

“The volunteer team and I work together to try and make the patient experience that little bit more special.

“Whether it be gifting a handmade blanket to stay warm, sitting with a patient or visitor to keep them company a short while or simply helping someone find their way throughout the hospital. These small acts of kindness can make such a difference and have such an impact on a person’s experience in hospital,” Sharyn said.

Experience the reward of becoming a volunteer at St Vincent's Private Hospital Northside. Join the dedicated group of volunteers.

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