St Vincent's Private Hospital Northside is a Catholic, not-for-profit, private health organisation. Our policies and practices reflect the ethical and moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

Our credentialing process involves reviewing the credentials and practices of private health professionals. It helps us ensure the care we provide is delivered only by appropriately qualified professionals who perform at a consistently acceptable level.

Our Accredited Practitioners must agree to respect and observe:

Apply for accreditation

Complete our online e-Credentialing Application Form to apply for accreditation with St Vincent's Private Hospital Northside. Please allow approximately 30 minutes to complete the online application form.

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Before you begin your online application

To complete your application, please have available scanned electronic copies of the following before you commence the online application form:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Current medical indemnity certificate/statement (if applicable), including specialty covered, policy claim limit ($20 million), period of insurance
  • AHPRA details (type of registration, registration number and expiry date)
  • Certificate of Continuing Medical Education (certificate from your college CME program)
  • Evidence of Fellowship and post-Fellowship qualifications/certificates
  • Copy of Radiation Licence (if applicable).

In accordance with Hospital By-Law 9.13 and Group Credentialing Policy, it is mandatory for all health professionals seeking accreditation to undergo a criminal history check. Please complete the Fit2work form link available when you complete the online credentialing form.

Please note that you will also be asked to provide your 16-digit Individual Healthcare Provider Identifier (HPI-I) as issued to you by AHPRA. This identifier will assist in communications related to e-Health records. If you do not know your HPI-I, you can obtain it via:

  • the AHPRA website using your login account or
  • by calling AHPRA on tel: 1300 419 495 Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm.

How the application process works

Applications for accreditation are considered by our Credentialing Committee and recommendations made to our Medical Advisory Committee. These committees meet every six weeks and if your application is successful you will be formally notified within 14 business days of the Committee’s scheduled meeting date.

All new visiting medical officers are encouraged to undertake orientation to the hospital prior to commencing.

Temporary appointment

Applications for temporary appointment (refer to By-Law 8.3) may be considered by the Chief Executive Officer or Director of Medical Services. If temporary appointment is sought, please advise our Credentialing Office on the email address below.

Changing your scope of practice as an accredited practitioner

If you wish to change your scope of clinical practice in any way (refer to By-Law 12.3) e.g. undertaking a specialised procedure or service delivery (but still within your defined specialty) for the first time or undertaking a new interventional or surgical procedure or clinical service for the first time at a facility, please contact our Credentialing Office tel: 07 3326 3136 or filling in the form below.

Form for renewal of accredited practitioners

An Accredited Practitioner must apply for re-accreditation before the expiration of the term of their accreditation in order to maintain current accreditation at St Vincent's Private Hospital Northside. The Accredited Practitioner will be notified of the pending expiry date, not less than three months before and advised of the processes to follow for applying for Re-accreditation and review of Scope of Clinical Practice.


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